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PACK 3 PARA 2 PICK & MIX (CANTIDAD MÁXIMA 4 – 33% DE DESCUENTO) Cuando se trata de ropa interior diseñada para hombres, MW Bodywear conoce perfectamente qué es lo que los hombres están buscando. Hemos creado una nueva colección en ropa interior y suspensorios masculina, que ha sido diseñada para dar a los hombres exactamente lo que están buscando.  

For MW Bodywear, it’s all about elaborate designs – and that’s why our pieces of speedos for men are unique, overtly flattering to the male physique and currently available in six distinct varieties to complement any personality expression.   For too long, beachwear for men has been severely lacking. While the ladies get a huge array of swimming costumes, the men felt as though they always had to be second best but now things are changing!   MW Bodywear is changing perceptions and to achieve this, they have injected passion and creative design into every piece men's swimming briefs they create. They have done it and the sales figures alone prove that this swimwear collection is a hit. Whether men love the bold characteristics, the vibrancy of the Canary Islands, the full-colour custom prints or the SPF UV 50+ that protects the delicate areas from the searing sun, they simply cannot get enough of their designer speedos for men.