Men’s Swimming Trunks 2020-2021 Trends

Men's Swimming Trunks 2019-2020 Trends

Summer 2020 is not over yet, with the sun still shining and the beaches getting slightly quieter, there is no better way to get your groove on and choose men’s swimming trunks that give you the look you want.

Whether you are hitting the beach for the last of the summer sun in Ibiza or jetting off for some winter sun elsewhere, you have to make sure that you look the part.

Speedos For Men Are Back

speedos for men

Body-Conscious Men are a Thing of the Past Men want fashion and they want to look and feel good which is exactly what a pair of designer swimwear for men offers! All of this boils down to perception and confidence. Men are no longer body conscious in the way that they once were. Of course, […]

New MW Bodywear’s Designer Swimwear for Men Proves to be a Huge Success

designer swimwear for men

MW Bodywear is still in its infancy but that has not stopped the first collection from flying off the shelves. Launched in March 2019, with six initial designs, the aim was to capture the imagination, create aesthetically pleasing visuals and use the highest, quality fabrics out there. The result? A snug fit, a great look […]